Thankful for CO Detectors

At Masterworks we are Carbon Monoxide detector vigilantes!
This recent letter to the editor explains why we take our quest so seriously:

To the editor:


We would like to let the community of Craig know about a great guy who went above and beyond the call of duty to help out our family.


It was the night before Thanksgiving when the carbon monoxide detector went off in our daughter’s home. Thank God for the detector, which saved the lives of eight of our family members. Due to the high level of carbon monoxide in the home, it was recommended that the family not sleep in the house that night. We called Dave DeRose, of Masterworks Mechanical, and he came out immediately to check out the furnace and also returned on Thanksgiving morning to repair it.


Thank you, Dave, for giving your time on Thanksgiving to ensure the safety of our family.


Bob and Karen Snavley

We appreciate the Snaveley’s praise and were happy to serve their family and allow them to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. We are always dedicated to protecting our clients and their families and applaud the Snavleys for installing a Carbon Monoxide detector in their home. It may have been the only thing that would have alerted them to a dangerous problem in their home.