Masterworks Mechanical named NCI Contractor of the Year

We are so honored to be named Contractor of the Year by National Comfort Institute (NCI) during their 2014 Annual Conference in Orlando, FL, February 25-26. This award recognizes outstanding achievements in Performance-Based Contracting*, quality workmanship, and dedication to customer service.

 “We measure our success not in the amount of jobs we complete, but one job at a time — completing each job with efficiency and quality and taking care of our clients. Regardless of the scope of the project, we aim to provide the same high level of service to every person, every structure, every job – every time.”

Dave DeRose — President

We strive to provide only the best service by investing in continuing education for our employees on the latest home and building comfort and safety practices provided by organizations like National Comfort Institute (NCI). Those attending NCI training earn Certifications that offer further reassurance to customers.

Why is it important to choose an NCI certified contractor?

For the same reasons most choose:

  • A certified public accountant to do our taxes
  • A certified realtor to sell our houses
  • An AMA-certified doctor to examine and treat us
  • A bar-certified lawyer to represent us in court

In all of these professions, the designations come to people who have studied, tested and achieved a level of competence that resulted in receiving a professional designation.

A contractor with an NCI certificate in HVAC system performance and balancing, or certified in carbon monoxide and combustion is no different. NCI certified contractors have attended classes, used specialized equipment and are constantly up-to-date on the latest diagnostic and repair techniques in these fields.

An NCI certified technician has passed a recognized testing process which validates his or her understanding of the technology and procedures used in this field. In addition NCI monitors their certified contractors and requires recertification every 2 years.

“We are thankful for our customers and some of the exciting new things we see in our industry. We will continue to strive to increase and improve our knowledge through training and to provide the best HVAC and Plumbing systems we can find. The comfort and safety of our customers are priorities and we will continue to work to make those priorities a reality.”


*NCI coined the phrase “Performance-Based Contracting™”, a unique approach to managing a contracting business through accountability and measurable results. During the past two decades, NCI has trained and certified more than 18,000 HVAC professionals.