Getting the Bugs Out

From time to time we come across problems outside of our Plumbing and HVAC knowledge base. Masterworks employees are trained to pay special attention to the work they do and to be aware of how they can serve clients in the best possible manner. Occasionally, while providing repairs, we have the opportunity to help a client out in a special way. Tom and Jeanie sent us this note praising Darin Hickey for his excellent service while working on their heating system:

β€œOn a recent Saturday we experienced a problem with our furnace. We called Masterworks and one of their servicemen, Darin, came right out. After inspecting it, Darin quickly identified the source of our problem (a large fly that died in the furnace) and fixed it. He wanted to return to our house later to check on the furnace and make sure everything was working correctly, but we were going to be gone. When I offered to provide a garage opener from our Lexus for Darin so he could get in our house, he took it but also advised us that our Lexus should have a built-in garage door opener. When I told him that I could never figure out how to program the built-in opener, he did it for me right there!


Masterworks really is full-service — they get the bugs out of your system and program your Lexus for one low price!”


— Tom and Jeanie Thornberry, Residential Home Owners